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Things You Might Be Doing in the Gym – You Should Stop

Now that I’m a member of two gyms (that’s right I’m officially a gym rat) I get to see quite a few things that people really should stop doing. Some of things you’ll find yourself saying, “Yes! Thank you!”. If, however, you find yourself saying, “what’s wrong with that?” You might be part of the […]

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A Strong Core Equals a Strong… Everything

When I’m making a routine for myself, or anyone for that matter, I keep the core in mind. Most people don’t realize this but your abs actually aren’t jus the 6 pack everyone shoots for. Your abs actually wrap around your body! For that reason it’s important to work that core. As the title of […]

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Front End Rules to Follow

Leave a Comment After the Beep All good developers should leave comments within their code, even back-end developers. I’ve known “young” developers that actually fear comments thinking it will give an opening for them to be replaced by their company or client. Since comments make it easy to understand working concepts, future plans, and current […]

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Easy Black Bean Burritos

One of my favorite quick meals is burritos. They are simple to make and a great way to get good carbs, fresh veggies, and clean proteins in your diet. The great things about burritos is you can change them up to make them what you want. You can use hot peppers to spice them up […]

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Easy Mason Jar Oatmeal

Since my job is about an hour away and I try to make it to the gym three times a week in the morning. Having a “sit down” breakfast is almost always impossible. Typically, I have a whole wheat english muffin or toast with peanut butter and some fruit. After being lashed by Hope Hughes […]

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The Gym Isn’t Always Easy to Get to

By the time your a functional adult odds are you’ve had some rough or even busy patches that make it hard to hit the weights, go for a run, or even eat a health meal. I know I’ve had my share and I’m currently in my late twenties. I’m know my parents, grandmother, and a […]

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Seek for Help Outside the Box

Regardless of what you do as a hobby or career you’ll always find yourself stuck or trying to decide if what you’ve created is appealing to others. Too often we run to other artists, designers, developers, etc. to get help or opinions. How often do you turn to those that are not in your field? […]

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Great Documentaries to Create to

Other than my 9 – 5 job I spend a lot time working on freelance/client work, working on personal projects, and working on blogs for those that enjoy reading myĀ ramblings šŸ˜€ . Most people like silence when they work or soft music to get the brain juices flowing. Not me! If I do choose to […]

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My First Homemade Juice

Juicing is a great and tasty way to get many of the vitamins andĀ nutrientsĀ found in plants. Many of us don’t get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets. Looking back on my old diet, I’ve realized that when I thought I was getting my fair share from the few green peppers on pizzas and […]